USDA Certified Organic ÔÇô Matcha Green Tea Powder

It is important to us and our customers to fill our plates and our cupboards with as many organically produced products as we can. In a significant way, this is the only way to guarantee we are receiving the minerals and nutrients that nature intended.

Throughout history matcha had always been organically grown and harvested, bringing health and vitality to the Far East throughout history.

At Kiss Me Organics we have taken our sourcing a step further as tea plants will absorb toxic elements from its environment and pass those along to you in greater concentrations than if you were just drinking the brew. So the first step in choosing an appropriate Matcha for your day-to-day is to ensure that it has been certified organic.

This means that harmful fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides have not been dumped on the plants ÔÇô and thus will not make it into your body.

Unfortunately, sometimes simply choosing an organic Matcha is not enough. Many farms are still exposed to industrial pollution because of their geographic location. Polluted rain water, toxic runoff in the soil, and noxious gasses from nearby plants are just a few of the ways that an organic tea farm could still be exposed to unsafe levels of toxins. The only way to ensure that youÔÇÖre getting the safest product available is to choose a vendor who has lab-tested their leaves.
We tested tea samples from several organic farms to ensure that weÔÇÖre bringing you the purest tea products available.

At we want to help our customers discovery the purity and the power of natural ingredients.