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Kiss Me Organics For a Sustainable Future

We believe in helping the
communities we work with.

Project Details

A portion of proceeds from Kiss Me Organics new vitamin-enriched Vitamin Tea will go towards improving the Sri Lankan farmers’ standard of living.

Our first endeavor is to donate a set of beehives to the tea plantation in Sri Lanka that produces the organic tea leaves for our Vitamin Tea.

The Plan In Action

In September of this year (2016), the honey bee was added to the endangered species list for the first time ever.

On a global scale, our donated hives will help fight colony collapse disorder (CCD) which is endangering bee populations across the world.

On a much smaller scale, having the hives in the estate will also improve the tea harvest an estimated 5-8%, creating abundance for the workers in the plantation, and providing an alternate source of income through the sale of honey.

As part of the donation, we will be training local people to harvest the honey methodically and to care for the bees, which will also give them an additional useful skill.

The harvested honey can either be sold directly at market, or used as an ayurvedic medicine, which is commonly used as traditional medicine in Sri Lanka.

About The Bees

The hives will be home to the Asiatic hive honey bee, apis crane indica, and each hive will help pollinate a radius of approximately 700m (4399 square meters).

Details of the Estate

The tea plantation is located in the mountains and can only be reached by rough dirt roads through scrubland.

It’s a stunning location with acres of lush vegetation. The estate produces a wide variety of teas, in compliance with the highest fair trade, organic and non-GMO standards.

It is also one of the world’s only carbon neutral plantations, as any carbon used in either energy or transport is offset.